Antivirus Security Pro Removal – How To Guide

Antivirus Security Pro is a bogus malware from the Rogue.WinWebSec Family. This family is responsible for creating lots of fake antivirus products and Antivirus Security Pro is just a new variant with more malicious features. Antivirus Security Pro is a stealth software which is able to bypass all security on your computer and install itself forcefully without your permission. Once you visit a malicious website, your computer silently gets attacked and Antivirus Security Pro gets downloaded automatically to your computer.

Once Antivirus Security Pro is downloaded to your computer, It will show a alert in System Tray. A pop-up will appear which will seem like coming from Microsoft Windows and this Pop-up will tell you that there are security problems with your computer and as a solution of the problems, you’ll be asked to run Antivirus Security Pro.

Once you run this software, It will do a bogus scan of your computer and show you lots of fabricated results. It will tell you that several files on your computer are severely infected with malicious Trojans and worms. Antivirus Security Pro will also block all legitimate applications on your computer and won’t let you do anything unless you buy full version of Antivirus Security Pro. Here is a screenshot of Antivirus Security Pro doing a bogus scan :

Antivirus Security Pro Doing Bogus Scan

This malware will also show bogus alerts like :

Warning! Infected file detected
Suspicious activity detected in the application notepad.exe to the behavior of the virus Win32/Conficker.X. For your security and to avoid loss of data, the operation of application cmd.exe has been temporarily restricted.

Warning! Infected file detected.
We strongly recommend activating full edition of your antivirus software for repairing threats.

Warning! Network attack attempt detected.
To keep the computer safe, the threat must be blocked.

Warning Shown in System Tray

This program may seem genuine to you for some time but Antivirus Security Pro is a fake program specially designed to deceive naïve computer users. When the computer is infected with Antivirus Security Pro, you’ll be asked to purchase full version of this software to get rid of all the infections. However, Full version is also a fake one and can’t help you with any problems. Once you pay money for the software, you’ll get a registration key in return and once you enter that key in this bogus software, It will stop showing any infection to you. That’s it!  If you’ve bought this software by mistake, contact your credit card company and explain them the situation to get your money back. Here is what happens when this malware is running in your PC :

1. Your computer will slow down and you won’t be able to run any applications.
2. Registry Editor, Task Manager and all other essential utilities will stop working.
3. You’ll get scary pop-up alerts every now and then.
4. Your computer may reboot automatically and sometimes this can corrupt system files.
5. This software may download additional malware to your computer making it more difficult to remove.

Read next part of this guide to learn, how to contact Antivirus Security Pro removal easily and safely without harming any data on your computer.

How To Remove Antivirus Security Pro

We have tested this malware in our research lab and found it is easy to remove. We found something very interesting in this variant and that is, the malware won’t let me take any screenshots of it. When I try to take its screenshot, the malware disappears for a second and then comes back. Extremely strange! Somehow, I’ve managed to take screenshots of this rogue software and you can see some of them below.

You can try your hands on Automatic and Manual Removal methods. Automatic Removal method is the right way to go while Manual Removal method can be tedious and ineffective. You can read more about both removal methods below :

1. Automatic Removal Method

This Removal Method is fast, easy and guarantees complete removal of Antivirus Security Pro. Even If you’ve not dealt with such viruses before, you can easily use this method and get rid of all the threats. As you can understand by now, this method is all about removing the malware using automated tools which are specially designed for this purpose. All you need to do is, download a genuine anti-malware tool, scan your computer and get rid of all the threats.

Please follow these steps to remove this rogue software easily :

Step 1 : First of all, you need to stop Antivirus Security Pro from running so that It can’t interfere with removal process. To do that, please Download Process Explorer and save the downloaded file as “explorer.exe” on Desktop.

Please note that you must save the file as “explorer.exe” so that the malware can’t block the file from running. Just for your information, Explorer.exe is the name of critical Windows Process and malware doesn’t terminate files having the name.

Step 2 : After downloading Process Explorer and saving it as “explorer.exe” on desktop. Please run the file and you’ll see a list of running process in your computer. Select a process having extremely strange name (as this is the best way to guess Antivirus Security Pro), right click over that process and select “Kill Process Tree”. Here is how it looked like on my PC :

Once you click on “Kill Process Tree”, this rogue software will close down temporarily and before it runs again, you need to remove it very quickly.

Step 3 : Now download Spy Hunter and install it in your computer. Spy Hunter is a very powerful malware remover which can catch this malware and remove all its files. Spy Hunter can also find backup copies of this rogue software which can be hidden in several places on your computer. To download Spy Hunter, click the button below :

Step 4: After downloading Spy Hunter, Install it in your computer and do a Full Scan of all files and folders to detect presence of this rogue software in your computer. Spy Hunter will automatically find this bogus software and all other files related to this malware. Here is how it looked like on my PC :

Step 5: Once the full scan is complete, click “Fix Threats” button and Spy Hunter will take care of everything. It will remove the malware itself as well as its backup copies. Spy Hunter will also correct all registry entries and unblock all applications in your computer. Now your computer is free from threats and you can use it like before.

Scanning your computer with Spy Hunter offers you a huge advantage as you can uncover several other threats which might be hiding in your computer without your knowledge and silently eating your computer’s resources.

More Screenshots of the malware :

Bogus Threats Warning :

Configuration settings in the software Just to make it look more legitimate :

General Settings :

Antivirus Security Pro imitating removal of threats :

2. Manual Removal Method – Risky and Tedious

Manual Removal method is suitable only for people who are well versed with computers and have deep knowledge of how Windows work. If you’re not very technical about computers, we would suggest you to follow Automatic Removal method instead.

Manual removal method requires you to edit the registry, find malicious files yourself, unblock all programs and without technical knowledge, you won’t be able to do all this. Therefore, please follow this removal method at your own risk :

Step 1: First of all, you need to terminate Antivirus Security Pro from running as shown in Automatic Removal method by using Process Explorer.

Step 2 : Now you need to edit the registry and correct these registry entries :


You need to find the infected key in above location and actually delete that key. It is not possible to mention the exact name here as malware creates a different filename on every computer.

Step 3 : Now you need to remove these infected files :

%CommonAppData%\Random Characters\
%CommonAppData%\Random Characters\\DD1
%CommonAppData%\Random Characters\\Random Characters\.exe

I’ve wrote Random Characters about as this malware creates different files on each computer and you actually need to find those files yourself. If you’re having any trouble finding infected files, follow Automatic Removal method instead. After deleting infected files,  now the malware should be out from your computer.

Please note that manual removal method is prone to mistakes as you can’t go ahead and find hidden copies of malware in your computer when you’ve no idea about where infected files are placed. To overcome this problem, we suggest you to use a genuine malware remover to scan all files to ascertain that everything is fine on your computer. Small mistakes can cause big troubles when it comes to viruses and malware.

If you’ve any questions about Antivirus Security Pro removal, feel free to post them here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.